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RightScale, the company that helps entetprise setup, launch and monitor Amazon EC2 and AWS, posted very informative article that details the value of latest Amason's Availability Zones in the referenced blog article below.

RightScale's automated cloud computing management system helps enterprise create scalable web applications that run on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud. Its advanced auto-scaling and load balancing features  frastically improves uptime and reliability for those that are seriously looking for opening new business services on demand using Amazon EC2.

Setting up a fault-tolerant site using Amazon’s Availability Zones

Amazon’s Availability Zones are a fabulous new feature that allows users to assign instances to locations that are very fault-tolerant from one another yet that have very high bandwidth between each other. I wish I could have done something like that as easily when I was responsible for operations at Citrix Online and we had 5 datacenters worldwide. As I’ll explain in this post, what Amazon actually provides us is much better than just putting servers into multiple datacenters.


Fault Tolerance with availability zones img4
exmaple illustration that was demonstrated in the article.

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