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developerWorks Interviews: Jerry Cuomo on Project Zero

An early look at a new community-driven development project

Level: Introductory

10 Jul 2007

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IBM Fellow and WebSphere CTO Jerry Cuomo talks about Project Zero, an incubator project started within IBM that is focused on the agile development of the next generation of dynamic Web applications.

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In this podcast

Jerry Cuomo, an IBM Fellow and WebSphere CTO, joins podcast host Scott Laningham and Denise Ruterbories, developerWorks editor for open source projects and the Ajax Resource Center, for an overview of Project Zero, an agile development incubator project started within IBM focused on Web 2.0 and beyond. In this 13-minute podcast, Cuomo touches on the social side of the Web, on simplification of development processes, and on the emergence of new business models utilizing the community-driven development process.

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About the guest

Dave Newbold

Jerry Cuomo is an IBM Fellow and CTO for the WebSphere brand. He is also the director of the WebSphere Technology Institute, whose mission is to cultivate the future by identifying and developing advanced technologies like Project Zero. He has spent 20 years at IBM working on advanced technology software, including breakthrough innovations in the areas of TCP/IP, real-time collaboration software, and high-performance transactional systems. Jerry is passionate about radically simplifying the consumption of middleware using appliances, virtualization, and Web 2.0 technologies. Read Jerry's blog.

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