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Tuesday July 24, 2007
Enterprise mash-ups: getting up to full speed

A useful link from our colleague, John Gerken, regarding the state of mash-ups. This is the space or Web 2.0 technology that will make a difference to the enterprise or those who will truly benefit from the interconnection and wide distribution of corporate information.

"In case you've not seen this yet, below is an interesting new review from Dion on 17 various mashup platforms. He uses a pretty broad definition of "mashup" to include unstructured and structured data mashup makers such as Dapper, Pipes and Kapow, but also makes some very good points I think with regards to enterprise readiness -- things like data availability, security and governance -- as largely unaddresses topics. Also, remember when it was just us (IBM) and JotSpot in this space? My how things have changed."

A bumper crop of new mashup platforms (ZDnet headline)

While application developers tend to roll their eyes, end-user mashups remain one of the year's more promising new trends in software development -- and there appears to be considerable demand for mashups at the enterprise level. Dion Hinchcliffe finds no fewer than 17 platforms currently available that offer credible mashup assembly capabilities today.