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My good friend Blogger, Luis Suarez at lsland on Atlantic Ocean, again got very excited with new presentation regarding what's KM2.0 with the special focus on social computing and social software tools.prepared by IBM. You can see why he is so excited viewing presentation below.

Industry Trends: The Evolution of Knowledge Management (KM 1.0 vs. KM 2.0) by Jennifer Okimoto

My fellow IBM colleague, Jennifer Okimoto, who has put together an outstanding set of slides that clearly define how traditional Knowledge Management (a.k.a. KM 1.0) has progressed into next generation Knowledge Management, a.k.a. KM 2.0.

Call it whatever you want, Knowledge Management, KM, Knowledge Sharing, Learning and Knowledge, whatever, it is still the very same thing: sharing your knowledge and collaborating with others while you learn how to be smarter at what you do and without not necessarily working harder.

This is it. This is what is all about. I could spend hours and hours going through each of the slides describing how good they are. But I am not going to do that. I am just going to share the direct link to it over here as well as the embedded version and let you enjoy what is probably one of the best presentations I have seen that captures how KM 1.0 has started the successful conversion into KM 2.0. And if not judge for yourselves: