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Echosign now reports that Echosign customers now process the contracts of Total 100M $ a month. Quite a number. Congratulations on getting such a number in a very short period of time.

EchoSign Turbocharges $100,000,000/month in Closed Deals. Wow!

100mill You'll see a new statistic on our homepage we're quite proud of ... based on a recent survery of our customer base, our customers now close well over $100,000,000 in deals on EchoSign every month -- and close them on average in 42 minute or less.  The number is fueled both by industry leaders like BT with over 3,100 sales reps using EchoSign -- but just as much by SMBs like EZPFA with 100 reps using us every day.

We'll do more surveys and track this statistic going forward.  More details here when we are closer to our big January 3.0 release -- the biggest in our company's history.