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February 12, 2008

Links for Today: Anant and Tim on the Network Effect (or, Pushing Software v. Accumulating Data), Info 2.0 Demo, and How I Roll...

Links for Today:

  • Anant, Tim, and the Network Effect: As many of you (I'm sure) saw, Tim O'Reilly had a pretty strong statement about MSFT Popfly and the network effect of data in this weekend's NYTimes. He commented that, "“Popfly shows me that Microsoft still thinks this is all about software, rather than about accumulating data via network effects, which to me is the core of Web 2.0. They are using Popfly to push Silverlight, rather than really trying to get into the mashup game.” Anant blogged about this yesterday, debating that not all network data will make it to the "great cloud of the internet," so therefore software vendors like IBM and MSFT have to build software that supports the network effect of this data within an enterprise as well. Pretty interesting entry. I think it's a great point, which I will talk about a bit later on. I can tell you that quite a few of our customers are requiring this to be within their enterprise, and that is exactly where the challenge sits. Thoughts? I think we all know where Google sits on this one :)...
  • This is how I roll: I was putting the finishing touches on a few presentation decks tonight, and figured I'd give you guys a snapshot of "how I roll" when I'm out of the office and doing work (wait, that doesn't sound right...). Or, how cats seem to know just the right place to sit to prevent you from doing anything useful.