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As I have been keen on emerging importance of Business Analysis and business architect as new type of job, here is good summary of its trends by Eric Roch at Perficient which I have been follwoing over the last 5 years as a leader of SOA implementaion specialists.

SOA and Business Analysis

I have often made the point that SOA is changing IT roles from IT planning to operations. I said in the article SOA Reuse and Programmer Obsolesce, “We have been moving from software as a craft to software as an engineering discipline for many years. SOA, in generic terms, will support more specialization of labor (e.g. at some point average business people can model their processes) and once we get our specialties down we can operate like a software factory where we can assemble applications more efficiently."

John Michelsen, chief scientist at iTKO Inc., sees the most striking change ahead for the business analyst. I have to agree that the move to process modeling will have a profound impact on software development. In practice however I still see developers playing a heavily role in process modeling. Business people and all but the most technical analysts are not able to build business processes with the current tools that will deploy and execute. The tools still require a developer’s involvement between process modeling and running processes.

IT needs to change from strategic planning (what services are strategic and when should they be built) all the way to operations (monitoring and policy based management) and everything in between. Too many companies focus on the construction of services and overlook the planning and operations stages of the service lifecycle leaving gaps in their SOA governance framework.

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