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Intalio User Conference Highlight - David Lyle, Informatica

By Jonathan Crow

Fresh from Informatica World 2008 held last week, David Lyle will present a panel discussion on BPM Is Missing the Data. One of the points he will make is that data drives BPM. And he is absolutely right, without the data there is nothing to act on. But too often the data quality and data integration components are left out of the equation assuming that SOA can do everything that is needed.

What people are learning in real world implementations is that when data quality and integration are left out of the SOA discussion the project is at the mercy of dirty data.

At Informatica World 2008, Informatica announced some major updates to PowerCenter, its data integration platform. A big part of this announcement was the bundling of BPMN and BPEL. Any guesses who may have provided the engine behind that? hint

June 11th, 2008

Informatica revs data integration platform Revision to PowerCenter provides new features focused around real-time processing and business-to-business information sharing