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Zoho: The Little Engine That Could (Take on Both Microsoft and Google)

covers a REAL Life example of Office 2.0 solutions form Zoho at Office conferemce in Spetember. They picked up GE as example with 400,000 users. Remarkable size of

A Serious Contender
Do you still think that Zoho cannot possibly be a serious contender? GE, after a vigorous evaluation including Google and Microsoft, selected Zoho. That is 400,000 desktops up for grabs worldwide. GE is a master at taking costs out of established processes, they do it relentlessly and continuously and they know how to evaluate and manage the risk of working with start-ups. Where GE break a trail, others are likely to follow. You can view a GE presentation about this deal here, from the recent Office 2.0 conference:
Speaker: Dr. Sukh Grewal (GE)
Content: Presentation of GE's SupportCentral Collaboration & Workflow Environment
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Zoho Part 2: The CookbookWritten by Bernard Lunn / September 23, 2008
Pragmatic, Non Dogmatic Approach to Winning Business
By all accounts, Zoho won GE's business in head to head competition with Google. GE wanted to cut cost and enable collaboration, which meant Microsoft was less of a contender. Google was the obvious "you never got fired for choosing" winner. Why did GE choose Zoho? There are two likely reasons:

1. Zoho allowed GE to run the software in their own data centers. GE has the economies of scale to run their own data centers and clearly prize the control that this enables. Zoho specified the hardware, but GE bought it and deployed it. Is a "Zoho Appliance" far behind?

2. Visual Basic Scripts in Spreadsheets. Current tech orthodoxy frowns on VB, but if you have thousands of existing Excel spreadsheets running VB that would be a show-stopper.