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Intuit QuickBase Offers to Help Coghead Customers, Partners and Employees

by Bill Ives

As recently reported by TechCrunch, Coghead Grinds To A Halt, Heads To The Deadpool.  Coghead was a visual web-based application editor that allowed users to develop enterprise applications.  This is too bad as most vendors in this sector that I have been speaking to have reported increasing revenues and, in some cases, record profits.

Intuit QuickBase operates in this same space. It provides an Enterprise 2.0 shareable database that lets you select ready-made online workgroup applications or templates designed to solve common business problems, customize them to suit individual processes, and share within a team or an enterprise. I recently wrote about them in this blog (see - Shareable Databases: Intuit QuickBase Bringing Desktop Database Users into Enterprise 2.0).

Quickbase has posted a series of offers to Coghead customers, business partners and employees (see Bill Lucchini’s post -  Offer to Coghead’s users, partners and employees from Intuit QuickBase for details.)  They are offering six months of free service with Quickbase to Coghead customers, along with support and training. They are also welcoming Coghead business partners into their partner program. In addition, they are welcoming resumes from former Coghead employees and commit to processing them as fast as possible.

This seems like a good and wise move on the QuickBase part. As a disclaimer, I am paid to write on this AppGap blog sponsored by QuickBase. However, we have complete editorial freedom and I am not paid to promote QuickBase nor do I have any other connection with QuickBase.  I am simply posting this as a favor to all parties.