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As always Luis Suarez continues covering IBM Dogear with new fresh insight.

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June 8, 2006
Dogear - A Unique Tool for Organizing and Sharing Information

by Luis Suarez @ 9:57 am.

If you have been following elsua for quite some time now you probably have read the couple of different weblog posts that I have created around the subject of Dogear, IBM’s internal offering for social bookmarking. I know that there seems to be lots of interest out there about what IBM is doing regarding Web 2.0 and social software related technologies, Dogear amongst them, so I just thought I would let you know about a new IBM site that talks about this very same subject and although it is still in the making, you will see some sections that may not have been completed yet (That is yet to come), you can already see where it is heading.

Check Lotus Greenhouse and, in particular the section dedicated to Dogear. Over there you would be able to get some additional information details about how Dogear works and how it is being used over at IBM

You will also be able to find, under the Community section, some Discussion Forums and a Dogear wiki where you can get additional information from the Dogear end-user community on how they are getting the most out of the application itself. Along, of course, with a section dedicated entirely to Features

Pretty impressive, I know. But as I mentioned earlier on, you may want to revisit it over the next few weeks because as you can see there are a number of sections that still need to be put together and completed. For instance, you would be able to see how the main homepage does not have much significant content. That will come. And along those lines you can also see how there are two other different IBM offerings in there that have not been started yet, but that I am sure they will in its due time. One of them is IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5 (A new revolutionary Instant Messaging client that I will talk about at some other time) and the other one is Activities (A new IBM application still in the making and that I will also be weblogging about it at a later point in time)

Thus as you can see it looks like little by little we will be having some more information available out there about what is happening in IBM regarding all of these emerging technologies around the world of social software and Web 2.0. Stay tuned for more updates to come because as they become available I will be sharing some further thoughts on them over here. The fun continues …

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(Update): As kindly noted by my colleague Andy (Thanks for the pingback and for the headsup, Andy!) it looks like the site is currently down at the moment. My guess is that perhaps they are getting some more content on it before they will open it up again. Thus stay tuned. As soon as I find out more details about it I will share them over here

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