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Information As A Service – The Key To The Correct Decisions At The Right Time

This set of slides were used in a seminar given by Acando in April 2009. This seminar was part of a three-part theme all focusing on information and how to leverage information to create competitive advantage.

The title of this presentation is “Information as a Service – the key to the correct decisions at the right time”. The seminar used a chain of information evolution defined as “data -> information -> knowledge -> understanding -> wisdom” (see Ackoff, R. L., "From Data to Wisdom", Journal of Applies Systems Analysis, Volume 16,1989 p 3-9).

The key point made is that data, information and knowledge can be captured in information systems and often exposed as some kind of automated service, but understanding and wisdom requires a different approach. One such suggested approach relies on social networks and leverages 2.0-concepts.

Of course the message is hard to convey without the presentation being made, but I hope this set of slides can act as a catalyst for some interesting discussions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the presentation or individual slides.

Mattias Abrahamsson (