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Jul 31 2009

The CEP Market 2009: a Brief History Lesson
Posted by Paul Vincent

I always thought Rolando Hernandez had an excellent idea with his “BRE Family Tree” - and had at some point tried to persuade Prof Luckham to do something similar for the “CEP market”. I was reminded of this by Opher’s blog on CEP and EDA in the current Gartner “hype cycle”, and as I had recently drafted such a CEP version for an internal presentation I decided to post it up here. The chart purports to show the “main players” in CEP today. Probably I’m missing some startups, or R&D offerings that have been commercially sold, and the start dates for such “commercial offerings” may be open to debate. But it shows the main players, at least. And it will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next year or so!