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Event Processing Breaks Out; These Are The Top Products


Event processing, often called "complex event processing" (CEP) is a hot new enterprise middleware category. CEP answers the question: "What is happening right now in our business?" Sometimes the answer is as simple as ordering more products when the inventory dips below safety stock, but often the solution involves recognizing patterns of business events that foretell critical business situations that require immediate action. Forrester evaluated nine CEP platforms using its Forrester Wave™ methodology to determine which products are the richest and which vendors are the leaders. This session provides an introduction to the CEP market and the industry's first detailed comparison of its major products.


  • Why is CEP emerging into the mainstream of enterprise IT?
  • What is CEP, and what are CEP platforms?
  • Which vendors and product lead the CEP market? Why?
  • How to use Forrester's Wave analysis to support your own CEP initiatives
  • Recommendations

Vendors mentioned: Active Endpoints, AgentLogic, Aleri, EsperTech, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Progress Software, StarView Technology, StreamBase Systems, Sybase, TIBCO Software, and UC4