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Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business with Enterprise Mashups

I created this presentation for SAP TechEd 2009. See

Enterprise mashups provide a new way for Business Analysts to work closer with IT departments in creating contextual applications and are a cornerstone of Enterprise 2.0. Web application mashups became popular in the consumer Internet space a couple of years ago. Popular consumer mashups often involve mapping third party data on Google maps. More and more Web applications provide open APIs using simple protocols like REST to allow programmatic access and updates. Mashup types can range from simple co-location of widgets to tight data and UI level integration leveraging Web-oriented architecture. Innovative enterprises started to recognize that mashup technologies can help IT departments to become more flexible and allow Web savvy IT and Business Analysts to build contextual applications on the fly. In this session we will discuss different patterns of enterprise mashups, key aspects of enterprise mashup platforms, and different technologies to mashup-enable your SAP and non-SAP systems