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Web 2.0 Expo New York 2009 Speaker Presentation

The benefits of Web 2.0 are well documented. Less clear is how to drive adoption once an organization has decided to employ collaborative business practices. Social software adoption is not merely a technology deployment that can be mandated; rather, a social software adoption program must incorporate business validation, include motivation for change, and accommodate existing norms among teams.

If you think mashups are just a cool technology for the consumer web, you might be missing out on a real opportunity to lower development costs and reduce IT backlog.

Tom Hughes-Croucher (Yahoo!), Carlos Bueno (Yahoo! Inc.)
Cloud computing comes with problems you can't code your way out of, such as network latency. The high latency of inter-cloud data exchange creates a bias towards a single vendor solutions, no matter how open the standards are. In this talk we explore the "latency trap" and how "cloud peering" can help customers avoid it and help cloud & web services evolve in a more flexible, sensible way.

Ross Mayfield (Socialtext), Dave Burke (The Washington Post), Patrick Durando (McGraw Hill)
Organizations shape society more than any force, and social software has demonstrated the ability to create sweeping change throughout the organizational culture. This panel will present strong case studies where successful social software implementations exist, showing how these examples provide a beacon of understanding for companies attempting to implement Web 2.0 technologies.

Ching-Yung Lin (IBM Research)
Nine hundred and forty-eight dollars. That's the annual dollar value of each person in your email contact at work, according to a novel IBM Research study with researchers in MIT Sloan Management School. Those with strong links to a manager produced an average of $588 of revenue per month over the norm. Economists and computer scientists are showing how social network helps you more successful.