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Business Modeling and the Business Analyst

This session will be a combination of presentation and demonstration where we will discuss the role of the Business Analyst in Business Process Modeling and the importance of modeling. A demonstration of how modeling tools can assist a BA in their work will be delivered and will include:
- documenting current or future processes
- determining how processes can be optimized and improved using simulation metrics
- using forms in process design and storyboarding
- publishing models to a larger community for feedback.
- how process models can be transformed into the language of IT (UML, BPEL, etc).
We will also demonstrate BPM BlueWorks, which is an online platform for business analysts! It can help accelerate business process improvement at NO COST. Features include dozens of industry-specific strategy, capability and process maps. Private online tools and workspaces to build new business processes and capability to share online workspaces with your colleagues. Check out