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WfMC calls for “Dynamic event-based BI driven by BPM”

An email from Layna Fischer, who is editor of the annual WfMC’s “BPM and Workflow Handbook”, tells us that the theme for the 2010 handbook is a “Spotlight on Process-Driven Business Intelligence (BI)”. To wit:

In 2010 we include a special spotlight on “Process-Driven BI” to illustrate how Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) are increasingly intertwined. Linking business intelligence and business process management creates stronger operational business intelligence.

Users seek more intelligent business process capabilities in order to remain competitive within their fields and industries. BPM vendors realize they need to improve their business processes, rules and event management offerings with greater intelligence or analytics capabilities.

We welcome submissions that include issues, case studies, guidance, solutions or research such as:

* BPM integration with collaboration, portals and BI
* BPM-BI with application assembly and deployment
* Dynamic event-based BI driven by BPM
* Embedding BI applications into business processes

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