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tagging – the unstructured classification of online information – and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) are establishing themselves as the cornerstones of what is being referred to as the Web 2.0 revolution. Combining these two concepts into a web service that allows people to tag and share interesting web pages with others has resulted in social bookmarking, probably the best known example of which is

Cognez is Web Office Technology

Cognez is totally in stealth mode. You can't see anything. But, you get a hint of what they are up to. Niall Cook is up to something. Something potentially very useful for enterprise users. Right now, he is revealing little, except for a couple of blog posts including The Case for Enterprise Bookmarking.

Here's his justification for social bookmarking within the enterprise:

Yet there are clear benefits to companies from using social bookmarking software across the organisation, for example:
Research functions could share information about clients, prospects and industry trends
Product development teams could collect and share product ideas and features
Sales and marketing staff could gather consumer and competitive intelligence
Public relations teams could share news coverage
Management could quickly and easily see the collective intelligence of their organisation, and the connections between employees

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