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Introducing the Enterprise Irregulars Site

Jeff Nolan helped found a group called the Enterprise Irregulars. First and foremost, it is an online discussion group. The list is invitation only. I was lucky enough to be invited to join a while ago. The back and forth is blunt, rough, funny, opinionated, and usually focused. The focus is enterprise technology and the next generation in software.

Not everyone in the group writes a blog. However many do. The best of the Enterprise Irregular blog feeds are now being aggregated on to one site at: The site is hosted by Blogtronix. I'm proud to say that my contribution includes the site logo. The design features 5 interlinked cogs. Each is a different color, signifying a diverse range of opinions, perspectives and experience. But, because they are interlinked, they all work perfectly well together. OK.... so it's an optimistic logo.

I hope you enjoy the site. And in case you are interested in who is a member, here is the current list.

AccMan - Dennis Howlett
Andrew McAfee - HBS
Business Two Zero - David Terrar
Charles Zedlewski - Yet Another Software Blog
Charlie Wood - Moonwatcher
Dan Farber - Between the Lines
David Tebbutt's Teblog
Deal Architect - Vinnie Mirchandani
Den's Enterprisey Foghorn - Dennis Howlett
Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog
Erik Keller
Feld Thoughts - Brad Feld
Frank Koehntopp - The GadgetGuy
Ismael Ghalimi - IT|Redux
J. Bruce Daley - siebelobserver
Jason Corsello - The Human Capitalist
Jason Wood - The Ponderings of Woodrow
Jeff Clavier's Software Only
Jeff Nolan - Venture Chronicles
Jerry Bowles - Enterprise Web 2.0
John Sun - Mobile Analyst Watch
Joshua Greenbaum - Enterprise Anti-matter
Journal - Bruno Haid
Mark Crofton - The Village View
Niel Robertson - Parallax
Phil Wainewright's Software as Services
Ramana Rao's Information Flow
Rod Boothby - Innovation Creators
Ross Mayfield's Weblog
Susan Scrupski - ITSinsider
Thomas Foydel - SightLines
Thomas Otter - Vendorprisey
Tom Raftery - IT Podleaders
Zoli's Blog