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New Stuff - The Laws of Social Media

Folks, I have decided to shift the Bubblegen model a little bit.

Since I don't have time to consult with everyone, over the next few months, I am going to try offering a series of papers based on my research and consulting. Some of these will be free; the good stuff will cost you a bit.

The first of these is called The Laws of Social Media; it deconstructs how MySpace dominated this space, and the mistakes that it's numerous competitors - notably Friendster - made and continue to make, distilling all this stuff into about 12 key lessons for social media strategy.

It's like a mini workshop with me rolled into a nice, jargon-free 20 page pdf (not a dense, econ heavy ppt).

Who should be interested?

VCs - to understand how the dynamics of social media will unfold, and help your portfolio companies find advantage (read: to figure out how to scale).

Attention Economy players - to dig deeply into your strategy and business model, understanding the drivers of advantage.

Media strategists - to begin understanding how and why to create social value propositions.

Ad and marketing guys - so you understand what to look for as potential buyers of and complementors to social media plays.

Everyone else - to cut through the noise and really begin understanding concrete lessons about the Attention Economy

If you would like to buy this paper, email me for pricing (less than a 300 page market research report, more than a copy of the Economist) + access.

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to have a Google Base/Amazon set up going, and the majority of these papers online. The next one is specifically about building Attention Economy business models - so we don't clog the pipes, that one isn't available until next week.

No big sales pitch - in fact, an anti-sales pitch: I don't like the idea of charging particularly, but I can't give this hard-earned knowledge away. Since I don't have time to consult with nearly as many people as I would like, I hope this experiment is a middle ground that works for all of us.

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