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Hyperic Begins 2007 with Significant Partner Growth Among Other Milestones

Top Tier Open Source Partners; Government Certification; and Groundbreaking Products among Early Achievements

LinuxWorld OpenSolutions Summit 2007

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hyperic Inc. (, the leader in multi-platform, open source systems management, opened 2007 with strong momentum, highlighting the market need for a different approach to managing the Next Generation Data Center. Since January, the company has signed three new partners, gained official Trading Partner status to the Federal Government, and released a major new version of its flagship product, Hyperic HQ.

The new release of Hyperic 3.0 raises the bar for what systems managers should expect from management tools. In the past they have been forced to manage their complicated, ever-changing web infrastructure with inadequate toolsHyperic 3.0 is open source software built specifically to help them manage todays modern data center that demands high availability for web based applications. Today, Hyperic HQ 3.0 empowers these data centers to gain full visibility and control over all the layers of their web infrastructure, including disruptive technologies such as virtualization.

The companys unique architecture and open source plug-in approach complement its partnering strategy. Leading open source providers Intalio, SpikeSource and XenSource and have recently joined existing Hyperic OEM partners MuleSource, JBoss and MySQL AB as part of the Hyperic ecosystem. The aim of Hyperics open partnering model is to improve the manageability of commercial and open source technologies across the boarda critical need as enterprises are dramatically increasing the number and types of technologies they use and need to manage.

Technology advancement like virtualization and SOA, while designed to simplify things, make IT much harder to manage on all levelsand the complexity will continue to escalate, said Hyperic CEO Javier Soltero. By partnering with market leaders, Hyperic aims to fill the gap between the complexity and scale of todays IT systems, and companies ability to effectively manage those systems.

Additionally, the company has been granted official Trading Partner status for the Federal Government, creating instant traction with sales to two government agencies and opening the door for continued growth in the public sector.

Customer Growth

Strong customer growth across several markets, such as government, demonstrates that open source systems management can operate on par with the Big 4. Since open sourcing its software in July of 2006, the company has added more than 200 organizations to its growing list of customers.

The growth has been astounding. We went from a little company managing a relative handful of customers six months ago, to supporting about 250,000 managed resources and clocking upwards of 2.5 million metrics every minute, stated Doug MacEachern, a founder and VP of Customer Service. This validates our vision from years ago, that the web is exacerbating the modern system management challenge by increasing the number and types of moving parts. This issue touches every organization and Im excited to be providing the software to make the data center manageable again.

Existing Hyperic customers include Oglivy & Mather, eHarmony and, among others.

Product Innovation

Hyperic HQ is the industry's only comprehensive product that provides cross-stack visibility for web infrastructure in production, whether it's open source, commercial, or a hybrid. The software is extensible and can manage all kinds of operating systems, web servers, application servers and database servers. With Hyperics user-friendly portal, managers can configure the software very quickly to monitor, alert, diagnose and control most types of applications both at a technical and business level.

The new version, Hyperic 3.0, also announced today, includes enhancements that provide visibility across all layers of the enterprise, as well as advanced tools for alert escalations, event analysis, and self-healing corrective controlall the elements needed for IT managers to circumvent and prevent problems before they occur, instead of simply being alerted of these problems afterwards.

Last Quarter, Hyperic continued its technology leadership, announcing the availability of the industrys first virtualization management solution Hyperic HQ for VMware. For more information on Hyperics products, please visit

About Hyperic Inc.

Hyperic (, provides the only open source systems management software purpose-built to maximize availability for the Next Generation Data Center. Hyperic's software provides unprecedented cross-stack visibility and enables enterprises to pinpoint, correct and prevent problems at every layerincluding hardware, networks, virtualization, middleware and applications. Hyperic's technology-neutral approach enables manageability across todays technologies in the market today as well as those of tomorrow. Hyperic's software manages enterprises of all sizes, including Hi5 Networks, Ogilvy & Mather,, and more. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Hyperic is a private company funded by Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners.