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OmniFind Analytics Edition

IBM® OmniFind™ Analytics Edition provides a rich analysis interface for both structured data and unstructured content.

It can be delivered as a customized business solution via an engagement with Software Group Lab Services or Global Business Services.

- Provides an analytics platform to create business solutions for customer care, quality insight, market insights, risk and compliance, and research and intelligence.
- Provides valuable insights, facilitating better business decisions, by exploring and leveraging key information assets in your enterprise, regardless of source or format.
- Provides multiple ways to explore and analyze information, including keyword search, semantic search, drill-down navigation, trend analysis, delta analysis, and 2D correlation heat maps.
- Enables sophisticated entity extraction capabilities when working with unstructured content like documents, emails, voice recordings, surveys, chat sessions, and rich media.
- Based on the open Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) standard.
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