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This presentation details why new thoughts about branding is necessary with statisical data as proof points. MUST see !!

I am The Media

This is a presentation I gave Nov 29 at the Marketing3 conference at Media Plaza in the Netherlands. A big thank you to Lynette Webb who's visual posts and pictures have provided inspiration for quite a few of the slides

I Am The Media by David Armano

Blogs aren't growing at the predicted rate
Participation on Web 2.0 remains weak
Executives remain wary of Web 2.0

Somebody forgot to send Alain Thys the memo that participation and adoption of Social Media isn't as compelling as we think. A few months ago, he created an amazing presentation which takes a comprehensive look at how our relationships with brands and each other is changing. Given the recent headlines, you should really check this out as a Ying to the Yang of the other reports. Alain has done an amazing job of blending stats with story. This is a wonderful presentation. Wish I could have seen it in person.