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Musician's BLOG is open - Wind from Chigasaki - 茅ヶ崎からの風 kusuyama.jpg

One of my best friends and his wife has just opened new BLOG here and Home Page They live in Chigasaki, close to seashore.

He is a conductor and a hornist and she is a pianist and a cembalist. They are very cheerful and we get together sevearl times a year taking the chance to attend concert held at their home concert hall.

My main purpose is to have a couple of drinks with them and other friends after the concerts rather than to listening to good music. But I relally enjoy meeting with a group of cheerful
friends there.

Wish I'll have another chance to see them soon !! For those who live near Chigasaki and Shou-nan area, pls join us sometimes when you would like to listen to and enjoy nice music at cozy place like their house. See you there !!