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I really like what David Armano insist by saying
Stop calling blogger !!

Blogs Are Free Samples of Your Brand by David Armano

The headline of this post is borrowed from my good friend Mike Wagner who I felt captured the significance of the business blogging event also known as SOBCon 07. Here's the presentation I gave which can be downloaded from Slideshare. As mentioned in a previous entry—I stressed that blogging is a commodity. Anyone can do it. There are over 75 million blogs out there—that's a lot of noise. But I went farther in my presentation. I said this:

Stop calling yourself a blogger.

Why did I say this? Well, here are the notes I wrote for that particular slide:

"Blogging is a commodity. Anyone can do it. We are human beings with passions and interests that come out in our blogs—not the other way around. Stop calling yourself a blogger. You are a… (designer, businessperson, marketer, artist, baker, mother, grandfather, etc). Calling ourselves bloggers takes away from what makes us unique."
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